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Can you all believe that we only have 2 more months of school left. It is amazing how quickly the year flies by. Below you will find a list of what we did this past month and our plans for April.

Reading: Because of CSAP this past month our schedule was a little strange causing us to miss some of our reading time. We are still continuing our Lit. Circle and the students are in the process of finishing them up. Each book takes about 2 months to complete because we do meet frequently to discuss the book and complete other activities. With their current books the students are focusing on the conflict of the story. We have been discussing how it changes the characters and whether or not there were lessons to be learned. We are also continuing our reading on current events through reading Time for Kids and National Geographic. The students have really become masters at finding the important information and creating discussions around what they have learned.
While we are doing all this work in class, they will also be expected to have read 2 independent books by the end of the year and write summaries about each one. These are books that they can read at school or at home.

Writing: We have had a ton of fun in writing this past month studying poetry. The students have been learning about many different types of poetry from limericks to haikus. Right now we are focusing on the blues as poetry through music. We will tie in character development along with these poems in order to create many different feelings in poetry. We are also going to take a look at how music is poetry by looking at the students’ favorite songs and seeing what poetic elements were used. The students have been really excited about this unit.

Science & SS: As you all know, we are at the tail end of studying the states and capitols. Next Wednesday the students will be taking the last test with the Northeast. In class we have been studying each of the regions and taking notes on what these areas produce, what the climate is like, learning some basic history, and more. When the students have completed their notes, they will be working in groups in order to make posters in order to share the information that they have learned. After this unit we will head straight into Colorado history in order to prepare for our big field trip in May.

Technology & More: The students have been using some games lately in order to help them remember the capitol for each state. We have also been using Google Earth in order to see each capitol and understand where it is the state and what surrounds the capitol making in a good city (rail roads, rivers, highways). This has been a really fun activity for the students. We also used a lot of technology this past month with Study Island. The students used Study Island in order to help them meet their learning goals that we set at the beginning of the year. The students will continue to use Study Island and can continue all summer long.

Up Coming Events:
· PCC field trip information night is April 14th (letter coming home tomorrow)
· Sandburg Art Show is April 22nd
· Last payment for PCC is due April 23rd (info on this will also be in the letter)
· ½ day on the 23rd and non-student day on the 26th
· PCC trip May 12th and 13th J